The Steve Graves Weekly: Finding Your Scottie Pippen

The Steve Graves Weekly: Finding Your Scottie Pippen — Read on Who is your Pippen or Chuck? Two weeks ago, I had thought of a blog topic, using basketball as an allegory. The topic was “every MJ has a Pippen.” But with the Finals in full swing, I wrote the title, then shelved it…

A poem using my Name

“God gives me Joy”OluwaFunmiLAyoThat’s who I am Joy personifyI live and breath my name I hope I gave my parents (of blessed memory)Lotta joy while they lived. I hope I have radiated some joyTo you today or at some other time. I delight to resonate my nameAlwaysTo strangers and foes alikeBut please don’t do any…

Secret Lovers

He stopped by again unannounced as he had previously done over the past years. “Hey. Why?” She asked him. “You’re getting married this weekend. You promised me you wouldn’t come again.” “I just wanted another night with you,” he blurted out. I came to get you. Let’s go to The Beach Point. “For the last…

So you think you’re ready for marriage. How’s your E-Educational Development?

Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit. Mahatma Gandhi Education does not stop after graduation from high school or college/university. Real educational development continues way after…

So, Bucks made the History on Game 6!

Milwaukee Bucks are the 2020-21 NBA Champs! It’s all over the media! And lots of histories were made: Giannis Antetokounmpo (GA) and the Milwaukee Bucks finally made history; in 50 years!! And what an amazing way to make it happen with Giannis’s 50 points game night!!! And Giannis being the first international NBA Finals MVP…

History in the Making! Will it happen today?

Have you been watching the NBA 2020-21 Championship between Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, like I have? What a ball it has been! Game 6 will be played today, at 9:00 P.M. EST in ABC. That’s in approximately three hours. It is the game NBA Analyst, Steve Aschburner, has tagged Desperation versus Discipline. I cannot…

Of Sinners and Saints

I had posted similar opposing-titled blogs; Of In-Laws and Outlaws, Of Poverty and Riches, Of Marriages and Divorces, Of God and Satan, Of Fathers and Daughters, and Of Mothers and Sons. All of which were self-inspired by observations and personal experiences. Today’s post’s title however was inspired by a cake and sweet shop so named….

Twitter. Twitter. Twitter!!!

Talking about fake news Have you being receiving bogus tweets from folks on Twitter? Comment if you have received any in your mailbox or had some popped up on your account. I have received tons. And I recently just paid attention to them. The other day I deleted 400+ emails received from Twitter. Most of…

Waking up Africa, the Sleeping Giant I love this lady, Adeola, for her humorous and satirical manner of sharing news, especially those concerning Nigerian and African leaders. Check her YouTube channel for more. On this TEDTalk, she’s doing her part to wake up The Sleeping Giant. We all have a part to play. The role is not only for Nigerians…


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