So LA Lakers are the NBA Western Champions!

Congratulations are in order, though reluctantly, for the Los Angeles Lakers. They were a 61:33favorite to win today’s game and “an 80% implied probability to win the series” anyways against Denver Nuggets for the Western Conference Finals. So, no surprise that they did, right? I wish that it was a […]

Who is he?!

Aside from the Golden State Warriors, I haven’t seen another resilient team in the NBA as I did tonight watching the Denver Nuggets (DN) take on the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers. Twice Nuggets’ team rebounded from a 3:0 (against Utah Jazz) and 3:1 (against LA Clippers) deficit to win both […]

It’s getting closer: 50 days from today

Election Day is 50 days away. Trillion of things have been said; we’ve heard the Presidential debates and more, we are aware of the unrests and chaos that stemmed from the racial divide, and we can’t wait to run to the polls; or, since COVID-19 has restricted movements, we can’t […]

Loving Basketball: What a Game, but Bucks is out!

Unbelievable! Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA Number One seed and East Conference leader, with a regular season record of 56:17, is out of the 2019-20 NBA Playoffs!! Bucks was edged out by an underdog, the East’s 5th ranking Miami Heat who had a regular season record of 44:29!! First-time a lower-seed […]

Unquenchable Hunger

There’s a yearning in human beings that nothing satisfies where we find ourselves craving more money, more cars, more clothes, more shoes, more degrees (than the thermometer – T D Jakes), more of this and more of that. Yet when those things are obtained, we still want more. What makes […]

Apple and Tesla in the News: Stock-Split

Hopefully this news is not too late. For those who are interested, it’s better late than never. Apple and Tesla in the News Apple and Tesla split their stocks 4:1 and 5:1 respectively. Apple announced its split last week; while Tesla’s was announced about two weeks prior. Tesla’s split occurred […]

We are a complicated species

Human beings are so complicated. I wonder why. Lately, I’ve been pondering on why it’s so hard for us to get along with each other. Some might claim that my statement is invalid that human beings do get along. To this I say that few people getting along, when ALL […]

Dating and Checking Each Other Out

I love to see the youngsters in love; I’m talking about the latter millennials/Gen Zs,. You know how we know and what they do, right? Prior to Covid-19, they talk/text all day and night on the phone, hang out too often, visit one another endlessly, go to movies, visit mutual […]

Life is too short …

Life is too shortWhy can’t we just live on love Life is too shortWhy can’t we just all get along It’s just okay to disagreeJust not let it last a lifetime Life is too shortWhy can’t we just eradicate jealousy, envy, hatred, and the rest of the deadly sins from […]


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