From Rodney King to George Floyd

People what is going on? This is an extremely sensitive topic/issue. But we need to talk about it and seek to find a lasting solution. Change begins with dialogue (or conversation). “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look […]

Dear younger me

If I knew then what I know now, I would have done many things differently. Yet, no regrets. The paths were meant for me to take as I now realized the the invisible Sovereign hands were guarding, guiding, and steering me all along. 10 things you need to learn sooner […]

Housewife: A Case for the Title

Every home not only needs a woman, but every home needs a practical woman. A woman who can juggle her acts, smoothly don the hats of a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Economist, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Strategic Officer, Chief Internal Officer, Chief Public Relations Officer, Chief Information […]

Recipe: Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs originated from England but has become one of the favorite snacks of British-colonized countries. Ingredients: •. 1 12-oz Jimmy Dean Sausage•. Bread Crumbs (Plain or Italian Style)•. 8 – 10 Eggs•. Oil Cooking Instructions: 1. Boil the eggs for 15 minutes2. Drain the hot water3. Add cold water […]

Recipe: Curry Chicken

Curry is an Indian favorite that has now become one of my family’s as well. We love curry; Curry chicken, curry beef, curry spinach, and curry rice (with or without shrimp). We also add curry to spice up our sauces and other foods. Ingredients: • 12 Chicken parts (thighs, wings, […]

Sauced Beans with Corn

Totally nutritious (protein-rich, iron, Vitamin A, C, and fiber) vegan dish that can be enjoyed anytime of day a la carte or paired with rice, fried plantain, or bread. . . . Ingredients: • 3 cups of Beans (Orange or Black-Eyed Peas)• 1 bag of 16-oz Corn (yellow or white; […]

Recipe: Moinmoin

Moinmoin is a favorite dish in Nigeria and some African countries. It is highly rich in protein as well as Iron as it is made from beans. Nigerians use the red (some call it orange) beans, but black-eyed beans is equally good. The optional ingredients below is used in making […]

engr. v writes

trust me, I didn't want to use my title either.


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