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Sautéed Spinach with Shrimp

Ingredients: • Spinach (2 bunches) • Shrimp (1 lb of large or jumbo size; deveined) • Oil (your choice of Olive, Corn, Vegetable) • Onion (1 medium) • Salt • Dried ground shrimp (optional) • Maggi Shrimp Cubes (2 cubes; optional) • Italian Seasonings Instructions: Cut the spinach into big […]

Recipe: Curry Chicken

Curry is an Indian favorite that has now become one of my family’s as well. We love curry; Curry chicken, curry beef, curry spinach, and curry rice (with or without shrimp). We also add curry to spice up our sauces and other foods. Ingredients: • 12 Chicken parts (thighs, wings, […]

Sauced Beans with Corn

Totally nutritious (protein-rich, iron, Vitamin A, C, and fiber) vegan dish that can be enjoyed anytime of day a la carte or paired with rice, fried plantain, or bread. . . . Ingredients: • 3 cups of Beans (Orange or Black-Eyed Peas)• 1 bag of 16-oz Corn (yellow or white; […]

Green Fish

Ingredients Whole Tilipia fish (any fish can also be used), Best if fish is sliced in two. Red onions (medium size) Herbs (Parsley, Basil, Thyme) Ginger (optional) Green Bell Pepper (medium size) Olive oil Salt Cooking instructions Blend the herbs, green bell pepper and half the onion, with or without […]